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Integrate Your Website and Blog into Location-based Campaigns

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Social media and location-based marketing gain momentum from cross-promotion with more traditional online marketing like your website and blog. Yes, believe it or not, having a website and a blog are now considered mainstream, but they can provide some advantages that your social media presence cannot.

While Facebook and Twitter provide access to hundreds of millions of potential customers, you are limited in what you can do by their user interfaces, functionalities, and, ultimately, terms of service. To that end, it’s easier to connect with customers on your website or blog. After all, you own your website and blog and control all the content.

The advantage of incorporating your LBS campaign into your website provides a few benefits to your company, including these:

  • Increased website traffic: It can allow customers to check in right from your website, which is a great boon if you’re running a business that doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar location.

  • Reviews and other helpful information: Customers can see tips and comments from other customers. These can serve as the mini-equivalent of Yelp reviews or more formal social commerce functionality that you get from ratings and reviews.

  • Hot tips and deals: You can alert your customers to specials that you want them to have access to before the general public gets that information. This could involve a multiple-step customer activity such as finding a code on your website or blog and entering it after customers check in.

  • Custom badges: Incorporate custom badges that let customers know that you are on a particular LBS (or several).

Include your own videos instructional videos on topics like “what is foursquare?” or “why did we decide to go with the service that we chose?” — or even “we’re looking for your feedback on our offers; how are we doing?”

If you produce shows, write books, or create any other kind of nonvenue-based content, consider including your products on GetGlue. This service allows people to check into shows, books, magazines, and other nonlocation-based items. Even better, they can comment as they check in and then cross-post that check-in to Twitter or Facebook.