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How Visual Social Marketing Campaigns Benefit from Instagram

By Krista Neher

Using Instagram has a number of advantages for a visual social marketing campaign. People use Instagram because of its photo editing options, to participate in the Instagram community, and to experience the ease of sharing Instagram photos on other social networks.

Instagram has a number of unique photo editing capabilities that are extremely simple to use. Instagram has customized photo editing functionality that might be found in traditional photo editing software. Instead, it has a limited number of functions that change the look of the photo, which makes Instagram photos extremely easy to edit, even with no photo editing experience.

Instagram also has an active photography community: Its 150 million active users share 55 million photos on Instagram every day. People on Instagram (known as Instagrammers) also view, like, and comment on billions of photos every a day.

Instagram is a social network in that people follow and connect with other photographers they like. Instagram tends to be a more open social network, where you can view and follow most users’ photos.

Though users can keep their photos on Instagram private (which would mean that only their followers can view the photos), most Instagram accounts are public.

Finally, Instagram makes it quite easy for users to share photos to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Flickr. With only the click of a few buttons on your part, a photo can simultaneously be shared on all these social networks.

A business account on Instagram is treated no differently from an individual account. To create your business account, simply create a new account and use business information instead of personal information. There’s no verification process, and you don’t need a personal account to access your business account.

Using Instagram has a number of benefits for businesses. They can

  • Take photos to share on other social networks: Some businesses use Instagram primarily as a way to take great-looking photos to share on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Because Instagram makes it easy to take and edit interesting photos, some businesses use it simply as a tool for taking and sharing photos.

  • Grow brand awareness: With more than 150 million active users, Instagram is a powerful way to connect with customers and build awareness for your business.

  • Share products or services: Some businesses use Instagram to share new products or services. A local restaurant near you may share photos of its daily special. An interior designer in your neighborhood may use Instagram to share samples of her work.

  • Build brand equity: Brand equity is how people perceive your business. Instagram can help you to position your business and change how people think about it.

    For example, Boot Camp Digital wants to build brand equity as being on the cutting edge of social media. The company uses Instagram to share the latest tips and statistics on social media. In this way, Instagram is helping to build the company’s brand equity.

  • Generate sales: Instagram can be a tool to generate sales; however, this is quite difficult to measure. Photos shared on Instagram can’t include clickable links to websites, which means that directly driving sales or tracking sales is difficult.

    Regardless, some businesses are generating sales by way of Instagram. If a local restaurant Instagrammed a photo of its specialty cocktail, and the next night you may want to stop by to try it.

These are only a few of the primary benefits that businesses are generating from Instagram. Evaluate your own marketing goals to see how Instagram might fit into your marketing strategies.

Every business can take advantage of Instagram — it isn’t only for restaurants or companies with visually oriented products. Even large, industrial companies such as General Electric are using Instagram. With its large, highly engaged, and growing community, Instagram can be a powerful way to grow your business.