How to View Visual Social Marketing Instagram Photos on a Computer

By Krista Neher

When you develop images for your visual social marketing campaign you want to check to make sure they look the way you intended. Because Instagram is primarily a mobile application, most of its functionality is available only via the mobile application. However, you can view certain Instagram features on a computer by way of Instagram and other websites that pull information from the site.

How to view visual social marketing photos at from your computer

At Instagram, you can access Instagram from your computer, to complete a limited number of tasks:

  • Log on and access your account. You can log on and access your account on Instagram; however, you’ll have limited functionality. After you log on, you can view your newsfeed, which shows you the pictures that people you follow are sharing.

  • View your profile. When you click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner, you can view your profile and see the images you’ve shared.

  • Edit your profile. By clicking on your profile picture in the upper-right corner, you can choose to edit your profile. From there, you can manage your profile information, your password, the applications connected to your Instagram account, and the badges you can use to share your Instagram account on your website.

  • View other Instagram accounts. You can’t search for other users on Instagram, but if you know their usernames, you can view their profile. To view the profile of another Instagram user, add the username to the Instagram web address by typing into your browser. You can see an example of Krista Neher’s Instagram profile as viewed on a computer.


As you can see, the computer version of Instagram has a limited amount of functionality. You can’t take or share photos or search for other images.

How to view visual social marketing photos at from your computer

An alternative way to access Instagram functionality from a computer is to use the Statigram website. Statigram lets you search and view Instagram content from your computer.

Some of the more useful tasks that you can complete at that you can’t do on Instagram are described in this list:

  • Search for users or hashtags. On Statigram, you can search for users or hashtags and view the results. For example, you can search for #motorcycle to see other photos of motorcycles. You can also find users by searching for their usernames.

  • Interact with other users. After you find images you like, you can like or comment on the photos directly from Statigram. (You must be logged in to your account, however.)

  • Follow new users. From Statigram, you can also follow new users. After you click on a user’s profile, you see a large Follow button, which you can click to begin following a user.

  • Click the links labeled my Following or my Followers. After you’re logged in to Statigram, you can also view the users who are following you (My Followers) and the ones you’re following (My Followings).

  • Analyze statistics. Statigram shows you basic statistics for your account, including the number of followers, likes, and comments on your account. You can also view your most popular posts and the Instagram users who most often interact with you.

This describes only some of the functionality of Statigram. If you find that you would rather access Instagram from a computer, or if you want more advanced functionality such as statistics and reporting, spend some time exploring Statigram.