How to Use Video Marketing to Enhance the Sales Process - dummies

How to Use Video Marketing to Enhance the Sales Process

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Most people associate video marketing with business development, and for good reason. Video is now cheap to make and easy to distribute to people who have never heard of you. But video marketing isn’t only about attracting customers — video resembles any other marketing tool in that it can add efficiency to these linear aspects of the sales process:

  1. Lead generation.

    Gain attention and attract prospects.

  2. Customer assessment.

    Clarify whether this customer is right for you, and reject any prospect who isn’t a good match.

  3. Customer analysis.

    Determine a client’s wants and needs, which often aren’t the same things.

  4. Prescription (or business model).

    Specify what you have that can meet a customer’s needs, and offer a price.

  5. Objection removal (or closing).

    Identify whatever is preventing the customer from consummating the deal, and then eliminate the obstacle.

  6. Transaction.

    Address customer touch points (the points in your process where you have contact with the customer) by specifically stating how you will deliver your product or service, helping them get benefit, and accept payment.

  7. Referral.

    Encourage your happy customers to send their friends and neighbors to you.

  8. Repeat business.

    Unless you’re a surgeon or a bankruptcy attorney, you want customers to return and buy more of your product or service.

Every step in the sales process can be accomplished by your salespeople individually without assistance, but video can make the process easier and more efficient. You can help your sales team become more effective by specifying the task you’re trying to accomplish in every area.