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How to Use the +1 Feature on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Google+ offers the +1 feature and social marketers can use this to their advantage. If you’re going to invest your time in yet another social network, it’s because you’re interested in reaching people to help you achieve your goals, whatever goals you may have.

Google+ can help you reach people, but, because it’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter yet, it takes more work to build up your community. This isn’t a negative at all. In fact, using Google+ is the perfect learning experience for all your relationship-building efforts. As the song goes, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can use Google+ to reach people and build relationships.

The Facebook Like button is one of that network’s more popular features. Users like it because they can show their approval for content without having to commit to a comment or full-fledged discussion. Google+’s +1 feature works in a similar manner. Instead of a thumbs-up button, Google+ offers a +1 button next to every comment and under every post.

Simply click the button to show off your approval. Plus, as you post content, your community will reciprocate by +1’ing the items they like best. The beautiful thing about this is you can use the amount of +1’s on a given post to determine the type of content your community likes best.

The more useful and meaningful content you post, whether it’s links to articles or text updates asking your community’s opinions on a hot topic, the more likely you are to receive approval for your information in the form of the reader clicking the +1 button. When a community member +1s your content, it will be shared in his activity stream for others to see.


This is an amazing way for your content to be shared with the Circles of others and will lead to you being able to expand your own Circles, which also increases your brand awareness. The more Circles you’re added to, the more it shows that your content is trusted and worthwhile. See how it all comes full, er, Circle?

Clicking the +1 button doesn’t have to happen on just your Google+ page, however. If someone stumbles across one of your blog posts, for example, if you have the +1 button code installed on your website, they can click it directly at the source.

The best part? All of the +1s you’ve received on your content will show up in a Google search. This tells people that others really like the content, and more people are likely to check something out if they see others have approved of it.


Don’t forget to show approval for comments left on your posts or posts and comments left by other people. Use the +1 button to show others you appreciate their comments.