How to Use Inoffensive Archetypes in Video Marketing - dummies

How to Use Inoffensive Archetypes in Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

In video marketing, you have a short amount of time to help your prospect identify with your message. When you use an archetype, the prospect subconsciously fills in information about the character they’re watching, leaving you with more time to communicate your information.

Archetypes is a fancy word for the types of people you know.

You may recognize the typical marketing archetypes in the following list. Notice how much information you already have in mind about these people:

  • The concerned parent

  • The executive

  • The employee

  • The entrepreneur

  • The person who’s technically oriented

  • The curmudgeon

  • The video game fanatic

  • The members of a family

Understanding common assumptions about these archetypes allows you to create humorous scenarios where everyone can relate to other types of people.

Though archetypes can help you connect with people, stereotypes can get you in trouble if you use them inappropriately. Cultural and racial identities come with built-in sensitivity issues that can create problems.

If you suspect that your material may be considered offensive, you’re likely correct. Find a way to communicate your idea in a way that speaks positively about anyone who may be a prospect or a member of society.