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How to Use How-Tos for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

Using visual social marketing images to show how to complete a task can be a powerful way to share step-by-step instructions. One reason that how-to images are popular is that they’re easy to follow and understand. Most are collages with images showing every step required to complete a task. How-to images are also popular for people to share, especially on Pinterest.

To create a how-to image, you have to demonstrate visually the required steps. For example, a how-to image of an oil change on your vehicle may involve pictures of the steps required to change the oil. Often, the image alone isn’t sufficient for someone to be able to comprehend the task. How-to images are typically used to accompany an article with text explaining the steps in detail.

You can view how-to pictures that are shared on social networks.


A how-to video shows how to do something. This type of video is popular because it provides true value to audience members, who are usually trying to complete a task.

How-to videos are also popular because people often search for terms including the phrase how to, as in how to tie a bowtie. By creating how-to videos, you can increase your reach and get your business in front of new audiences.

A how-to video can be as long or short as needed to demonstrate the topic. As with most videos, shorter is better. Some businesses create how-to videos to show customers how to complete a task — and to reduce the number of questions directed to the customer service department.

Others use this type of video to generate awareness while showing how to complete tasks associated with their businesses, products, or services. For example, both Lowes and Home Depot offer a variety of videos showing shoppers how to complete home repair projects, such as “How to Change a Faucet.”

When your customers or prospects are trying to learn how to do something that relates to your business, evaluate the search terms they use. Envision the videos you can create to connect with these audiences to build brand awareness and, possibly, drive sales of your product.

Here are some sample how-to videos: