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How to Use Customer Testimonials for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

Even customer testimonials can become visual social marketing assets. By turning testimonials into visual content, you can make them stand out and become more memorable.

Turning a testimonial into something more visual by creating an image with the quote and the person who is leaving the testimonial is a great way to increase the appeal and effectiveness of the testimonial. Showing the person who is leaving the testimonial also makes it more personal and believable.

Here is an example of how businesses, such as HubSpot, are creating visual content from their testimonials.


Video customer testimonials are powerful because they’re more believable and they have more of an impact than testimonials consisting of text. Some television and radio commercials offer testimonials to increase the commercials’ impact.

Testimonials with content that’s appealing can also be used in other videos, such as promotional videos. Interspersing short testimonials from customers in a product demo or promotional video can give them much more impact. A testimonial video primarily generates views from your website, and it’s a good way to increase the effectiveness of your site.

Testimonial videos should be short — typically, less than a minute. You may have to edit a testimonial to make it the length you want and to edit out pauses or unimportant information. You can also combine multiple testimonials into a single video featuring a few different customers.

Here are some sample testimonial videos: