How to Use Animation or PowerPoint-Style for Video Marketing - dummies

How to Use Animation or PowerPoint-Style for Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

In video marketing, animation serves as more of a convenience than an art form. Animation allows for the fast creation of complex visual imagery without having to endure the challenges of sets, props, people, and special effects. Whereas animation used to require a crew of artists drawing picture after picture, computer-generated animation now allows you to show almost any image you want by using a computer and a programmer.

Even home artists can get in on the act by trying an inexpensive, easy-to-use animation software program such as Go! Animate and Xtranormal. An animated video sets a tone of whimsy and allows for imagination to be shown in ways that would be impossible with live action, whether you’re making animals and objects act like humans or showing your mom flying in outer space.

PowerPoint presentations have become forever associated with sales and marketing. Unfortunately, many practitioners of this trade commit the ultimate PowerPoint crime: Stand in front of a group and read text from slides. As video becomes more popular, so does the similar trend of creating fancy motion graphics or words that move and simultaneously narrating them word for word or simply adding music.

Though this approach technically qualifies as producing a video — you can post it on YouTube or your website and include a viewer — it doesn’t create the same marketing benefits of an action-based video, because a PowerPoint presentation by itself generally falls short of establishing an emotional connection with the viewer by way of visual imagery.

Many video companies charge high prices for their words-and-pictures videos, touting the general benefits of video without specifically showing the difference in impact on the bottom line.

Although a PowerPoint-style video may be easy to produce and gets your material on YouTube quickly, live or animated action helps your prospects relate to characters with depth and meaning. Your goal is to convey your message in a meaningful way and still be heard above the noise.

If scant time or resources leads you to choosing a PowerPoint-style words-and-pictures video, you still have to communicate to your viewers in a compelling way. You must present words and pictures that truly matter in a way that engages people and speaks to their needs. Make your content readable and appealing so that viewers don’t dismiss your message because of the medium.