How to Take and Edit Visual Social Marketing Photos and Videos with Instagram - dummies

How to Take and Edit Visual Social Marketing Photos and Videos with Instagram

By Krista Neher

Taking photos is one of the primary functions of Instagram. This is primarily what you will use for visual social marketing on Instagram. To take a photo or a video using Instagram, click on the camera icon. It should be in the lower center of your screen when you log on to Instagram.

After you click on the camera icon, your camera is activated and you see a number of additional options.


The contents on the screen are described in this list:

  • X: This button, in the upper-left corner, lets you cancel out of the camera function if you want to return to the previous screen you were viewing.

  • Switch Camera: This icon is a camera with an arrow around it. Many smartphones and tablets now have two cameras — one on the front and one on the back. Clicking this button lets you switch between the front and back cameras.

  • Flash: This button lets you choose between using flash, no flash, or automatic flash, where the sensors in your phone determine whether flash is needed for a particular photo or video.

    The current mode for flash is displayed as a small letter or icon beside the lightning bolt. A small A below the flash button indicates that it’s set to automatic; a small circle with a line through it appears if flash is turned off; and no icon appears if flash is turned on. To change the flash mode, simply click on the lightning bolt. The options then rotate.

  • Grid: This small grid lets you display or remove a grid from the camera display. Some users like to use a grid when taking photos to ensure that the image is centered. Pressing the grid button makes a grid appear or disappear from your camera screen.

    If you choose to use the grid. the gridlines don’t display in your final photo — they’re simply there as a guide when taking photos.

  • Gallery: The button in the lower-left corner is the Gallery button. Rather than take a photo or video, you can use this button to select a photo that’s already on your mobile device.

    For example, you may have already taken a picture with your mobile phone that you now want to share on Instagram. The Gallery lets you view photos that are already on your phone and choose one to import into Instagram.

  • Camera: This icon in the lower middle area of the screen captures the photo. You click on this button to take your picture.

  • Video: The lower-right button lets you capture video instead of photos.

In the center of the screen, you see the feed from your camera, which is what your camera is capturing at the moment.