How to Shoot a Marketing Video with the Edit in Mind - dummies

How to Shoot a Marketing Video with the Edit in Mind

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

The low cost of using a modern digital camera eliminates any concern about shooting additional footage in shooting a video marketing project. That’s why people tend to shoot way too much footage, which makes the editing process more time consuming. On the other hand, an essential shot may be missed in the hustle and bustle of the shooting day, making the editor’s life much more difficult.

Keep the editing process in mind whenever you shoot video. Shooting short and simple videos may even remove the need to do much editing.

To shoot footage that makes editing easier, follow these guidelines:

  • Go on location with a well-prepared shot list. This list briefly describes every shot you want to take. If you prepare a storyboard, you can use it as the foundation.

  • Don’t leave the shooting location without checking your shot list and ensuring that you got all the shots you wanted. Reshooting is much more expensive than adding another few minutes to shoot the missing scene.

  • When shooting a planned and scripted scene, start the camera briefly before the action starts, and stop it a few seconds after the scene ends. Leave at least three seconds of space at both ends, and don’t let the camera run needlessly. Following these suggestions saves you time later, when you’re sifting through footage.

  • When shooting documentary footage of an event that you can’t fully control, err on the side of shooting too much footage and letting the camera roll. Missing an important scene is more painful than sifting through a lot of footage later.

  • Shoot a sufficient amount of b-roll footage. This supplemental footage of surroundings or the location itself is valuable during the editing process.