How to Share Visual Social Marketing Vine Videos - dummies

How to Share Visual Social Marketing Vine Videos

By Krista Neher

Though you can easily share your visual social marketing Vine videos on Facebook and Twitter, they can also be shared and viewed across the web in a number of other ways (which is part of what makes Vine a powerful platform). In addition to sharing Vines on the Vine app, your Vine videos can make useful content for other social networks and can even be embedded on websites.

When Vines are shared online, the default setting has the volume muted. To turn on the volume, click on the sound icon in the upper-left corner of the Vine video.

How to share visual social marketing Vines on Twitter

Because Vine was created by Twitter, Vine videos are integrated directly into the Twitter platform. When you view a Vine video on Twitter, you can watch the video directly from the tweet, without having to “click away” and leave Twitter. Here is an example of a tweet with a Vine embedded.


How to share visual social marketing Vines on Facebook

Though Facebook isn’t directly integrated with Vine, you can still share a Vine video to Facebook with the click of a button. To view the video. you must click on the video and view it on the Vine website.

A sample Vine video that was shared on Facebook is shown below. The thumbnail of the Vine is displayed, though it can’t be viewed in Facebook.


Clicking on the video thumbnail on Facebook opens a web page on (the Vine website) where the video can be viewed.


How to embedded visual social marketing Vines into blogs or websites

Vines can also be embedded into blogs or websites. When embedded into a website, the video can be played directly in the website. To embed a Vine video into a website, go to the web page on with the Vine in it. You can find this link by clicking on the Facebook Share button, or at the bottom of the tweet.

After you’re on the Vine page, click the Embed button, displayed below the Vine. This action opens a new page, with the embed options.


This page lets you customize the Vine before embedding it. You can choose either the Simple or Postcard embed style. The postcard style adds a white border to the Vine. You can also customize the size of the Vine by selecting 300, 480, or 600 pixels.

After you’re satisfied with the video, copy the embed code that’s generated at the bottom of the page and insert it on your website or into your blog. This action displays the Vine on your site and plays it directly on your site. Here is an example of an embedded Vine, where it’s shared on the blog.