How to Share Images on Your Google+ Marketing Page - dummies

How to Share Images on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Images almost always receive a positive response on the social networks like Google+. When social marketers post images, whether they are staff photos, event photos, or something amusing, you bring a different element to your Google+ page because it’s much more visual, not to mention personal.

When your community members can see a personal element to your brand, such as pictures of your office or your employee of the month, they’re more likely to feel as if they know you better. That familiarity in turn can lead to more meaningful interactions and even more sales down the line. After all, who would you rather do business with, a stranger or someone you know and trust?

Although all photos that you post don’t have to be personal in nature, if you do decide to upload personal or branded photos, it’s a good idea to include a caption with them to let your community know what’s going on. What’s the point of posting company photos to give a glimpse into a different side of your business if everyone and everything in the photos are anonymous?

What photos should receive a caption:

  • Anything that is not intuitive to look at. If the picture doesn’t tell a story, you have to tell it.

  • Anything with people in it, tag the photos or let your community know who it is you’re showing, and why.

  • Anything requiring further information, for example, if you post a picture of one of your products, you also want a descriptive caption that will send your community running to your sales page.

Also consider inviting your community to caption the photo themselves. Many brands do this with hysterical results.

Here’s how to upload images to Google+:

  1. Click the Share box in the upper-right corner and then click the camera icon beneath the Share What’s New box that appears.

    The drop-down menu gives you three options:

    • Add Photos to share a single photo

    • Create an Album to add more than one picture at a time

    • Take a Photo using your webcam

    For this example, the Add Photos option was used.


  2. Select the Add Photos option and, in the box that appears, navigate to the photo you want to upload from your computer and then click the photo.

    The photo uploads to the side and appears onscreen. You’re then presented with the Edit Photos, Tag People, Add Text, Add More (photos), or Remove All (photos) options.

  3. Click the Edit Photos link underneath the picture to give it a caption or explanation.

    The caption should be descriptive of what the photo shows. Under the link, you can also rotate your photos clockwise or counterclockwise or edit the photos themselves by using Picnik, Google’s online photo editor.


  4. When you’re finished adding a caption and editing your photo, click the Done button in the bottom-left corner of the box.

    This step closes the box, and you return to your photo.

    You can continue to perform actions on your photo such as tagging any people in it or adding text to the photo. You can also add more photos or delete photos simply by clicking the corresponding blue link under your photo. There is a “tag photo” in the editing tool; to use it, just click on the person you wish to tag and type in their Google+ name.

To choose whom to share your photos with, take these steps:

  1. Click the Add More People link underneath the photo.

    You see a drop-down menu of all the Circles you can share your photo with. You can also click the gray person icon to the right of this box in order to add specific individuals.

  2. After you’ve selected the people you want share your images with, click the Share button at the bottom.

    Congratulations! You’ve shared a photo with your community.

    For a quick way to upload a photo directly from your computer, click the Photos icon and then click the +Add Photos button.

Be sure to optimize your photos to appeal to the search engines. When you save photos, keep search engine optimization techniques in mind and use keywords and phrases, and do the same with any descriptive text. All your public posts have the ability to rank on Google.