How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Advertising Account - dummies

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Advertising Account

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

LinkedIn offers several advertising options to social media marketers. The first step is to set up your LinkedIn advertising account. The expense to your company can vary greatly, so do your research and know your options before you buy.

A standard pay per click ad combines a small image with text in the rectangular ad unit in the right column of a page. These self-service ads offer a choice between PPC (pay per click) pricing with minimums of $2/click and $10/day or impression-based (CPM) pricing. The campaign structure is comparable with Google AdWords or Bing/Yahoo!.

LinkedIn also offers display (banner) ads on specific pages. You must negotiate display ad costs separately with LinkedIn; display budgets start at $25,000 per month.

You can run ads from a personal account, but you’ll probably want to use your business account because it can have multiple users. The steps are simple.

  1. Sign into your business account and click Go to LinkedIn Ads in the upper-left corner.

  2. Click the New Ad Campaign link in the upper right.

  3. Follow the steps on the screen to create an ad and upload a small (50 x 50 pixel) graphic.

    LinkedIn requires a .png, .jpeg, or .gif file of no more than 2MB. LinkedIn will automatically resize images if the dimensions are too large, but you’ll be happier with the quality if you upload a high-resolution image of the correct dimensions to start with.

  4. Insert the link to your landing page, enter a 25-character headline, and then ad text of up to 75 characters.

    LinkedIn reviews ads before publishing them, which usually takes a day or less. If you have asked for notification in your Settings, you will receive a “canned” explanation of approval or disapproval. You can appeal a rejection, but there are no limits on how many times you can revise an ad.

  5. Create up to 15 variations of your ad for each campaign.

    As with classifieds or other pay-per-click ads, you may want to test different headlines, benefits, and landing pages to determine your most effective ads.

    Use the Edit or Duplicate function on an individual ad to make this task easier.

  6. Click Next Step to set your geographic area and select options to define your target audience.

    In the upper-right corner, LinkedIn estimates the size of your target audience as you change parameters for industry, job title, age, and gender. Generally, select the options to reach LinkedIn members on other websites, to collect leads, and to rotate ads. To reach a target audience with different characteristics, you’ll need to set up a separate campaign. There are no limits on how many campaigns you can have.

  7. Set Your Budget.

    Most companies select PPC rather than CPM (cost per thousand impressions) because it’s more cost-effective. You can modify this at any time.