How to Remove Buyer Objections with Video Marketing - dummies

How to Remove Buyer Objections with Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Not every customer is ready to buy after becoming aware of your product, but video marketing can help people to become willing to buy. Many salespeople have to complete the process of eliminating concerns, and some are better than others at closing customers. Often, salespeople are more adept at listening to themselves talk than at hearing the concerns of prospects.

Why leave this crucial part of the sales process to chance? You can make a different video for each objection and let customers review them on your website before a salesperson ever gets involved. Here are some key areas of objection to address:

  • Inventory and services: Video is a helpful way to show prospects that you have on hand what they want and what they need. A company selling furniture can create a short video showing every individual product from every angle and in every color. You can also break down a complicated service offering into several steps and create a short video outlining each phase.

    Not every prospect wants to peruse every single video, but if videos are handily catalogued on your website, basic questions can be answered without having to take up the salesperson’s time.

  • Price: Price is usually the number-one objection for most prospects —everyone would buy your product if it cost little or nothing. A simple video demonstrating how your product stacks up against competitors or showing how little your service costs per day in comparison to its benefits can help motivate price shoppers to open their wallets.

  • Value: Prospects want to know that the product or service they’re buying will be worth at least the amount they’re paying for it (if not more). You can use video to demonstrate the more difficult segments of your offering and to convey its value faster and more easily than by simply speaking directly to them.

When making a video to remove objections, be sure to address the specific objection in the video. Let viewers know that you acknowledge their concern and are willing to address it. Letting people know that you’re aware of their concerns about your product or service goes a long way in helping them lower their defenses against selling.

Good marketing videos incorporate objection removal into every aspect, whether they’re specifically designed for that purpose or not. If your videos are on point and entertaining, prospects will want to do business with you and will most likely overcome their fears.

Resist the temptation to address all objections in one video. Trying to do it all often accomplishes nothing in the end. Instead, make a separate, short video for every objection and link them, for example, to a common page on your website where people can read the FAQ (a list of frequently asked questions) to quickly find the video that answers their question.

You have the additional benefit of seeing which one is viewed most often, which gives you valuable information about how your customers think.