How to Promote Marketing Videos through LinkedIn - dummies

How to Promote Marketing Videos through LinkedIn

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the “big dogs” of social media, but other vehicles can attract as much attention for your marketing videos. The key to successful video marketing is to use your videos in as many of your marketing channels as possible.

LinkedIn is a popular channel to reach business people. Marketers who sell to other businesses should especially consider an active LinkedIn strategy for marketing videos.

This business network doesn’t offer the option to upload video directly, but you can use your YouTube videos to great effect. Follow these steps to write a LinkedIn update with video:

  1. Log in on LinkedIn.

  2. On your LinkedIn home page, write the text of your update in the Share and Update box.

    Don’t click the Share button yet.

  3. Go to the YouTube site, and copy the link address of the video you want to use.

  4. Go back to LinkedIn, and click Attach a Link below your update.

  5. In the Add URL box that appears, paste your YouTube link. Click Attach.

    LinkedIn now gets your video’s title and includes a thumbnail picture as well.

  6. Click the Share button to post your update.