How to Promote Marketing Videos through E-Mail - dummies

How to Promote Marketing Videos through E-Mail

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Do you have a newsletter mailing list? Making your newsletters more fun and engaging is easy if you add a marketing video into the mix. Research shows that you can easily double the number of clicks by substituting a boring text link with a fancy video thumbnail.

To use e-mail marketing via Constant Contact, one of the most popular e-mail marketing software providers, follow these steps:

  1. Create your e-mail newsletter as usual. Write all the text you want to use first.

  2. Open your YouTube channel, and copy the link address of the video you want to use.

  3. In Constant Contact, edit your newsletter, and choose Video Link from the Insert menu on the left.

  4. Paste your YouTube link into the Video URL field, and click Create Image.

    Constant Contact automatically creates a thumbnail picture that appears in your e-mail newsletter.

  5. Use the slide to adjust the thumbnail picture’s size to fit your newsletter layout.

  6. Click Insert to insert the video image into your newsletter.

Your e-mail recipients see the video thumbnail as though it were a real video waiting to be played. But if they click it, they’re redirected to your YouTube video.

Do not attach video to outgoing e-mail messages. The file size is usually much too large, and your e-mail messages are often rejected by corporate firewalls or spam filters. Many of your subscribers also have attachment size restrictions and immediately delete messages with large attachments — video or no video.