How to Promote Marketing Videos on YouTube - dummies

How to Promote Marketing Videos on YouTube

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

YouTube has its own social networking community, and you can find much more additional value from it for your business marketing videos if you use its social features.

The following list describes the most important ways to engage the YouTube community:

  • Subscribe to other people’s channels. This strategy keeps you updated about content that may interest you. Best of all, because most people return the favor of subscribing, you can reach them with your videos as well.

  • Comment on other channels and videos. Complimenting someone on her videos helps you get noticed and helps interest other people in your own content. Be authentic, though — most people can spot insincere flattery.

  • Use video responses. This special form of a YouTube comment lets you use a video to react to somebody else’s video. You can either use a video you already have or one you make specifically as a response. Again, be authentic and sincere.

    Using aggressively promotional video responses that people may see as spam can cause you to be blocked in no time.

  • Add as Facebook friends the people whose content you like. You can “friend” people on their channel pages next to the Subscribe button. It works a lot like Facebook friendships — it’s more of a social gesture of appreciation than a real friendship. You then appear on your YouTube friends’ channel pages, which is another way to gain more visibility.

  • Favorite other people’s videos. Favoriting is probably the highest expression of appreciation on YouTube. It adds these videos to the Favorites list on your channel. These favorites are visible to your channel’s visitors, so add only other excellent videos that fit your own goals. In a similar way, you can add other people’s videos to your own playlists.