How to Place Marketing Videos on Your Home Page - dummies

How to Place Marketing Videos on Your Home Page

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Many people still feel that posting marketing videos on a company website’s home page is a radical strategy. After all, home page real estate is extremely scarce and valuable. Even if you have plenty of elements to post there, you may simply be asking too much if you try to use all that space for a single video.

The Dropbox home page consists of only a Download button and a two-minute video describing the product. This simple site helped the company — one of the most successful software startup companies of the past decade — acquire more than 45 million users in only four years.

Of course, most companies have more than one product, and conflicting interests abound in assigning home page real estate. Fortunately, you can choose from the following placement strategies for using video on your home page, one of which should fit your needs. You can use video as

  • The primary eye-catching element: This bold strategy positions your video front and center, likely filling about 50 percent of the home page area that a user can see without scrolling.

    Focusing on a single home page element makes sense if your video communicates the crucial marketing message you want to convey.

  • A secondary item: Most home page layouts have several boxes in which you can place elements such as product announcements, calls to action, or special offers. Embedding video in one or several of these boxes is a useful way to draw more attention to them. People enjoy watching videos, and a video player with a clearly visible Play button is an effective, eye-catching element.

  • Support content: Many items on the home page have Learn More links. You can increase the effectiveness of these links by making a video the target content. Write text, such as “Watch a video about product X,” to see a likely uptick in clicks on these items.

    The link opens a separate page where viewers can see the video and you can place calls to action and other content directly on the page.

  • An element in a slide show: Many websites use as the main element of their home pages a changing information box that looks like a slide show to let viewers “flip” through a number of different messages. You can use a video as one of these messages.