How to Pick the Right Music for Your Marketing Video - dummies

How to Pick the Right Music for Your Marketing Video

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

As with all other elements of your marketing video, you must choose its music with your audience in mind. Above all else, avoid alienating your audience with your choice of music. If you’re unsure, you should choose unobtrusive music over music that’s too bold.

You should follow certain guidelines when picking a tune. The music in your video should

  • Fit the mold: Is a certain type of music traditionally associated with your product or service? If you make skateboards, for example, you likely already realize that punk rock has long been associated with this type of product. Don’t break the mold unless you purposely want to irritate your audience.

  • Be age-appropriate: Match your video’s music roughly with its targeted age group. Using the big-band sound from the 1940s to attract 20-year-olds may backfire in the same way that using autotune synthesizer pop with rap vocals is likely a poor choice if you’re trying to highlight your assisted-living community.

  • Incorporate instruments: Consider the instruments being played in the piece you’re evaluating. Certain instruments are associated with particular settings or lifestyles, such as an electric guitar that works well in an urban clothing store’s video or an acoustic guitar (often associated with nature) that best matches the hiking tours in a travel company’s video.

  • Avoid vocals: Instrumental music is almost always the best choice for background music. Vocals can be quite distracting, unless the lyrics specifically match the story of the video.