How to Participate in LinkedIn Groups - dummies

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

LinkedIn groups, like Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags, give social media marketers the chance to identify users who share interests and might become potential clients, vendors, or helpful connections. The key is to monitor potential groups and then to offer helpful suggestions and comments, without overtly selling your products or services. To view potential groups, use the drop-down menu under the Groups tab in the top navigation.

Joining a group is easy. Here’s the process.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn and then choose Groups Directory from the Groups drop-down menu.

  2. In the Search Groups directory, enter some keywords in the text field.

  3. Choose an option from the Categories drop-down list and click Search.

    For example, you can choose from alumni, corporate, conference, or networking groups.

  4. Scroll through the group descriptions.

    When you see a group you want to join, click the Join This Group link. A green box appears at the top, confirming you have joined the group and allowing you to change and save your group settings.

Many LinkedIn groups require membership approval from the group owner. To send the group owner a message explaining why you feel you would be an asset to the group, click the link that appears beneath the group in your my Groups section.

For most people, membership in three to five groups is plenty. As always, lurk (observe) for a while to decide whether the group really is a good fit for your business interests.

Another option is to create your own LinkedIn group. Creating a group, recruiting members, promoting the group, and moderating discussions can become very time-consuming, though.