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How to Optimize Your Visual Social Marketing SlideShare Presentations

By Krista Neher

As you upload visual social marketing presentations to SlideShare, you can maximize the value by optimizing the presentation to generate more visibility. People may search for your presentations on SlideShare or via Google or another search engine, so optimizing the presentation can generate more traffic and views to your presentation.

To optimize your SlideShare presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Create a title based on search by typing a name for your presentation in the Title field.

    When creating a presentation, you may have a catchy, unique, or provocative title; however, the best title for optimization is one that uses the words people search for and that clearly describes the presentation. For example, a presentation named Real World Advice to Use Online may generate more search traffic if it’s named Social Media Privacy for College Students.

  2. Create a complete description in the Description field.

    SlideShare provides 3,000 characters for the description, which is a lot of space, and probably more than you need. Use this space to your advantage. Consider adding the following items to the description:

    • Synonyms: Include a variety of words and phrases that accurately describe your presentation. Don’t be afraid to restate the title or parts of the description with different words. For example, a presentation to doctors may include the words doctors, physicians, and surgeons to maximize the reach in searches.

    • Details: Elaborate on key points in your presentation by describing them in detail. When people search for presentations on SlideShare, words and phrases that are found in the Details section of your presentation are scanned to find a match for the search phrase.

      Using more words to describe your presentation increases the probability that your presentation will be displayed in search results. Longer descriptions with more words make your presentation show up more often in search results and generates more views.

    • Web addresses: Include a link to your website with a description of your business, products, or services.

    The bottom line is to use as much of the space as possible to your advantage, to increase the probability that your presentation will show up in searches.

  3. Add tags to your presentation in the Tags field.

    A tag is a word or phrase that generally describes what a presentation is all about. Unlike the description, which uses complete sentences or bullet points, tags are simply words. According to SlideShare, tags can increase the searchability of your presentation by up to 30 percent.

    You can add a maximum of 20 tags to describe any presentation. Use as many of the tags as you reasonably can — it’s a useful way to be sure that your presentation is found on SlideShare when people search.