How to Monitor Interaction between a Company’s Facebook Page and Website - dummies

How to Monitor Interaction between a Company’s Facebook Page and Website

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

To monitor interaction between your Facebook presence and your company’s primary website URL, there’s Facebook’s Insights for Platform Applications. This can be used to determine how many people use Like or Follow icons on your website. This feature also allows you to monitor apps that you’ve implemented on your Facebook Pages.

First, you must “claim your domain” by associating it with a Facebook personal user account or application that you manage, preferably using your user ID:

  1. Click the green Insights for Your Domain link from the Insights Dashboard.

  2. Fill out all the information in the form that appears.

    Facebook will then generate a verification metatag (code) that appears in a field on the form.

  3. Add the metatag to the <head> section of the root web page for your domain.

    This will connect your website to your Facebook account.

  4. Type your domain address into the text box and select the account to link it with.

  5. Click the Get Insights button to complete the process.

    Momentarily, your claimed domain will appear on the left-side navigation bar under the websites section.

Next, you need to implement Social Plug-ins. According to Facebook, “Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on, or shared on sites across the web.” Here is a list of the many different plug-ins (each of which has different steps for implementation).

Once implemented, referrals (inbound links) from Facebook-related Social Plug-ins will appear in Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, or other statistical programs using this format:*.This enables you to distinguish between referrals generated by Facebook plug-ins and referrals generated directly from your Facebook Page.