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How to Measure the Viewer’s Appreciation of Your Marketing Video

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Ideally, the viewers or your marketing videos are active — for example, they subscribe to your channel or write comments. YouTube Analytics gives you insight into these categories of user behavior under the Engagement Reports menu:

  • Subscribers: The subscription report shows you how many people have subscribed or unsubscribed to your channel in a given timeframe.

    Because subscribers are informed of all your new videos, you should have as many videos as possible.

  • Likes and dislikes: Now that YouTube has replaced its five-star rating system with the simpler like-or-dislike approach, you can see how many people have reacted to your videos positively or negatively.

    Encourage as many viewers as possible to click the Like button next to your videos because these votes of approval also boost your exposure in other parts of YouTube, such as search results.

  • Favorites: Viewers sometimes give you the ultimate compliment by adding your video to their lists of favorites. Be aware, however, that some viewers use their Favorites lists to simply bookmark videos they want to watch later.

  • Comments: Users often provide feedback by leaving their remarks on an individual video’s page. (Not all comments are positive, of course.)

  • Sharing: Viewers often share videos directly on their social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+), and sometimes they even embed them on their own blogs. Viewers can share videos outside of YouTube — for example, by adding a video’s URL to a tweet — though this type of sharing isn’t counted in YouTube Analytics.

  • Audience retention: When you use a video heat map to find out how much of a video viewers have watched, you can determine which content viewers like — or, rather, at what point they stopped watching.

    Many people stop viewing shortly after a video begins, or near the middle, and only one-third of viewers, on average, watch the entire video. The more people who watch a video until the end, the better its content has resonated with your audience.

    To compare your YouTube videos with others of similar length, click the Relative Audience Retention button.

Focus on the most important metrics when you analyze user behavior. The biggest influence on valuable viewer traffic is likely sharing via social media. Channel subscriptions are also important ways to gain loyal viewers, and audience retention tells you a lot about how much people truly value your content. Comments on YouTube are slightly less important than comments from other social media sites, so don’t obsess over them.