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How to Make Video Marketing Testimonials Meaningful or Create a Montage

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

The testimonial is an excellent tool for video marketing. It offers the viewer a chance to see that other people like your product or service. Use the testimonial sparingly, and make the speaker speak and look credible.

A testimonial is effective only when it’s brief and to the point. Your testimonial must address a specific aspect of your offering so that prospects clearly absorb new information. Simply showing five people who claim to enjoy your product or service has little effect. Prospects are smart enough to know that no smart marketer would ever show a testimonial from someone who didn’t like the company.

A montage is a compilation of live action, pictures, and graphics. By using video, you can pack a lot of material into a few minutes. A quick pace can make the montage video fun and exciting. Just make sure that the montage has a pattern that makes sense.

This list shows the order of elements in an effective sample montage:

  • Opening graphic: Describes the video

  • Announcer: Introduces the concept of your topic

  • Pictures: Convey graphic images of a relevant topic

  • Announcer: States the response to pictures and introduces a testimonial

  • First testimonial: Proves that someone other than the prospect approves of your product

  • Additional graphics: Enforce the testimonial in words

  • Announcer: Introduces a second testimonial

  • Second testimonial: Touts an additional aspect of your product

  • Announcer: States the call to action

  • Final graphic: Shows the call to action and provides website information