How to Make Video Marketing Fresh and Clean - dummies

How to Make Video Marketing Fresh and Clean

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Because most marketing videos make use of easily recognizable scenarios, quite a thin line exists between the familiar and the cliché. Viewers have been bombarded by video messages since television commercials began in the 1950s. Everything that can be said in a marketing message has probably already been said many times already.

If it feels stale, it probably is stale. To break free from what’s expected and freshen up the old ways, gather your favorite group of people and ask them to list ten ways to give your approach a new twist. Not every idea will be a blockbuster, but the fast pace kick-starts creative juices and encourages you and your friends to come up with one or two good ideas.

A new twist on an old concept can often create more impact with the prospect than a brand-new idea can.

Society has unwritten rules (and, often, written laws) regarding profanity and sex. These unwritten rules have been changing with the advent of cable TV and the Internet, but they’re moving targets. Your videos should present your product or service in a positive way. You can hint at a risqué concept without using foul language, nudity, or blatant sexuality.