How to Make a Marketing Video Go Viral - dummies

How to Make a Marketing Video Go Viral

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Though no perfect formula specifies how to make a marketing video go viral, a recognizable pattern exists. If you truly want to take a shot at viral fame, follow these steps to increase from one viewer to millions:

  1. Create and post a video that has the “WOW! factor.”

    Get creative, and make a video so amazing that someone other than you, your family members, and your co-workers are unbelievably impressed.

    Make the video shocking and relevant without crossing a line that may offend the customers you want to attract.

  2. Transmit via e-mail and social media to friends and mailing lists.

    The larger the lists, the faster your video has the potential to spread. You can also pay for ads on Facebook, Google, and YouTube to boost its presence.

  3. Ask people to repost your video and e-mail it to their friends.

    You can hope that people will comply because your video is remarkable, but you can always give them a financial incentive or another type of reward to pass it along anyway.

  4. Identify bloggers and news media who may find your video unique and will promote it even more.

    Publicity is the play today to garner attention for a video that already has momentum. Some companies pay bloggers to repost their videos, so prepare to use your wallet if you wander down this path. You can even pay to have sites such as Unruly and Seeding spread the word.

  5. Look for your video to take off on YouTube.

    When your video accumulates more than 200,000 hits, YouTube may notice the traffic volume and feature your video on its home page. At that point, you should see the number of hits quickly jump to more than a million, and, you hope, drive business to your website (if you remembered to insert the URL into your video, of course).

The viral nature of the video depends on a combination of its compelling nature combined with fast growth in viewership. Both elements are incredibly difficult to engineer in advance, but high levels of traffic won’t likely happen without outstanding content.

Maybe a viral video is right for your company, and maybe not. But you can get financial returns from your videos in plenty of other ways, even if the videos are seen by only a few people whom you already know.