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How to Inviting Others to Like Your Facebook Page

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

When choosing people to invite to like your Facebook Page and participate in your brand’s community, take care to choose those who will really appreciate being part of that community. When you randomly and regularly invite people who don’t care to be a part of the brand, it gets annoying and can cost you a Facebook friendship.

To invite friends to like your Facebook Page:

  1. Access your Admin Panel.

  2. Click the Build Audience drop-down menu and choose Invite Friends.

    A list of all your friends appears.

  3. Choose the Search All Friends option.

  4. Click the photos of all friends you want to invite and then click Submit.

    Your friends will now receive an invitation to like your brand’s Page. Not all will accept your invitation, so please don’t take it personally. Some people simply don’t want to follow brands on Facebook.


In addition to inviting friends to like your brand on Facebook, you can also try some of these methods for raising brand awareness and getting Likes:

  • Use your brand’s Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest accounts to bring in new community members. Without spamming, invite people to join your Facebook Page from time to time. If space permits, also share the benefits of becoming a member of your Facebook community.

  • Invite your community to share. While Facebook frowns upon contests and events where people have to like a Page to participate, there’s nothing wrong with inviting your community to share content they like.

  • Create the type of content your community will share. Have you ever logged on to your personal Facebook Page to find that your friends are sharing a funny video, provocative image, or informative article? This is the type of content people enjoy sharing on their Walls. If your Facebook Wall is nothing but brand updates, that’s not very compelling. Share informative or fun items with your community.

  • Place share buttons on your blog and website. If you want people to share your content, you have to give them a way to share. Having a Facebook share button on your blog or website will encourage readers to like your Page.

  • Be consistent. If you post engaging or compelling content every day, folks are more likely to like your brand. If you’re sporadic and haphazard with your content, you won’t receive many Likes in return.

  • Place share information in offline content. If you have offline content — for example, if yours is a supermarket brand with a weekly flyer — be sure to let shoppers know how they can follow your brand on the social networks. If you’re a restaurant, add the URL for your social networking channels on the back of your menus or have postcards handy for customers.


Unlike the popular movie tagline, if you build it, they may not necessarily come. You have to give everyone a reason to want to show up each day. Everyone has a favorite brand of detergent or applesauce, but very few people love these brands so much that they want to receive updates from them every day. It’s not enough to have a presence; give everyone a reason to like you.