How to Interact with Customers via Google+ Features - dummies

How to Interact with Customers via Google+ Features

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

You have several ways to interact with the people you are connected with on Google+. Google offers features that can be used by social media marketers to gain exposure. When using the social network, the following features enhance your experience with your friends or fans:

  • Circles: Your Circles are how you arrange the friends or fans who want to follow your brand on Google+. Circles are like lists you can use to direct content to specific people. For example, you can have separate Circles for team members, vendors, clients, and customers. This feature is great for ensuring the information you share with a specific Circle doesn’t get seen by others.

  • +1: The +1 feature is a great way for users to find interesting content to read and share. Similar to a Facebook Like, the +1 says you like the posted content. When you click the +1 button, your picture appears on the bottom right of the post for everyone in your Circles to see. When a post has a lot of +1s, more people are likely to read it.

  • Hangouts: Google+ allows users to host Hangouts — video conversations with up to ten people at one time — so getting a group of people together for a video chat is easy. Maybe you want to hold a meeting of colleagues but a few are traveling. Hangouts are a great way to get some face time without having to be in the same location.

  • Hangouts on Air: Hangouts on Air allow an unlimited amount of people to view your Hangout live. Hangouts on Air are excellent tools for discussion groups, focus groups, and reaching out to your community.

  • Share: You can share your content with the easy-to-use Share function.

    • Sharing a link: Click the link icon in your Share box and copy and paste your link in the box provided.

    • Sharing photos: Click the photo icon in your Share box to upload photos to share with your community.

    • Sharing videos: Click the video icon in your Share box to upload videos to share.

    For a quicker way to share items, you can simply drag the links to photos, videos, and content into your Share box.

  • Tagging: Unlike Facebook Pages, Google+ allows you to tag people even when they don’t post in your thread. To tag people or brands, you add a + or an @ symbol in front of a person’s name.

  • Edit status updates: An extremely attractive element of Google+ is that you can edit your posts, even if you already hit Enter. Everyone makes a spelling error or wants to reword something at one point or another. On Google+, you can do so without having to delete the entire post.

  • Bumping up old posts: When someone comments on an older post, it’s brought back to the top of the page to add new life to the conversation.

Before getting started on Google+, take some time to get your bearings. Look around and see how other brands and individuals are using this network. Look at what people are sharing and what they’re talking about and take some time to notice the posts that receive the most +1s and shares.