How to Install NetworkedBlogs for Facebook - dummies

How to Install NetworkedBlogs for Facebook

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

NetworkedBlogs is a Facebook app that gives a social marketer the ability to host your blog’s RSS feed on your Facebook Timeline. Every time you post to your blog, a link to the post, thumbnail image, and description will automatically appear on your Timeline or within an app on your Page. This link helps drive more traffic to your content and leads to more sharing.

If your blog is updated more than once or twice per day, people may not want to subscribe because they don’t want brand updates appearing in their News Feed all day. NetworkedBlogs works best for blogs updated no more than a couple of times per day. Less is best for this app.

To install the NetworkedBlogs app:

  1. Navigate to Facebook’s NetworkedBlogs Page.

  2. Click the Go to App button beneath your cover photo.

    The NetworkedBlogs app page appears.

  3. Click the Log In button to connect your Facebook account with NetworkedBlogs.

    A permissions page appears.

  4. Choose who can see your activity on NetworkedBlogs (this “activity” includes your subscribing to and reading of other blogs).

  5. Click the Log In with Facebook button at the top of the page.

    A thank you page appears.

  6. Click the Click Here to Continue link.

    A page appears that shows a list of posts from blogs you’ve associated with your account.


  7. Click the Blogger Dashboard link at the top of the page.

    Your NetworkedBlogs dashboard appears.

  8. Click Grant permissions.

    A page appears showing what permissions you’re granting to the app. Essentially, you are allowing NetworkedBlogs to access your Page so your blog posts will update automatically on Facebook when they are published.

  9. Click Allow in the bottom-right corner of the page.

    The Welcome page appears.


  10. Click the Register a New Blog button at the bottom of the page.

    The Register a New Blog page appears.

  11. Type the URL for the homepage of your blog in the Blog Link text box and click Next.

    The Register a New Blog page expands to allow you to complete more information about the blog you entered.

  12. Enter the following information as necessary:

    • Blog Name (required)

    • Tagline (optional)

    • Feed link (required; this is the link for your RSS feed)

    • Topics (optional)

    • Language (required)

    • Description (optional)

    • Your E-mail (required)

  13. (Optional) Click Show Advanced Options to enter a specific vanity URL for your blog.

    For example, — where “vanity” is the title you choose to associate with your blog. You can leave this box blank, and the app will choose the URL for you.

  14. Click Next.

    The New Blog Registered page appears briefly, then forwards to a verification page.


  15. Click the Yes button if you own this blog.

    The You’ve Claimed This Blog page appears, then quickly forward to the next confirmation step.

    To confirm that you do indeed own the blog you’ve registered, you need to select one of two options:

    • Ask Friends to Confirm You Own the Blog: Click this link and the Select Friends for NetworkedBlogs Request dialog box opens. Select at least five friends who can verify that you own the blog you claimed. Click the Send Requests button. The request will show up in your friends’ right sidebar under the Ticker and in their notifications. When your friends view the notification, they see the verification page.


    • Choose Install the NetworkedBlogs Widget on Your Blog. If you choose this option, a page appears with code you need to install on your blog. Copy the code and follow the NetworkedBlog instructions on how to place the code. Then click the Verify Now button.

Not having friends or followers verify your ownership isn’t a deal-breaker. But Facebook isn’t listing you as owner until enough people agree that you own your blog. You can still carry your blog’s feed (and anyone’s blog feed) on your personal and professional pages and you can still administrate that account.