How to Instagram Visual Social Marketing Photos from a Computer - dummies

How to Instagram Visual Social Marketing Photos from a Computer

By Krista Neher

There’s no easy way to share on Instagram a visual social marketing photo that’s now only on your computer. Instagram was designed primarily to take photos from your mobile device. Though the precise steps to share photos this way may differ slightly on your device, the general steps should be the same.

First, place the photo that you want to share on your mobile device. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • E-mail the photo to yourself. E-mail the photo to an e-mail account that you access via your mobile device. Then open the message on your mobile device, and choose to download the image.

  • Copy the image over when you sync your device. Most mobile devices can be synced with a computer to download photos, videos, and music from a computer. This process usually simply involves plugging your mobile device into your computer and choosing the image that you want to copy.

  • Upload the photo online, and save it from a web browser or application. You may also be able to choose to download an image that’s displayed in a web browser or application. For example, you may upload the picture to the Internet by way of a photo-sharing site and then access it from the Internet browser on your mobile phone.

    Depending on your device, you should be able to click and download to your phone the image that you’re viewing. Similarly, some images that have been uploaded to Facebook can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Simply access them via your Facebook mobile application and choose to download them. The specific functionality and steps to do this will vary, depending on your mobile phone.

  • Upload the picture to a cloud-based drive. If you use a cloud-based storage drive such as MobileMe or Google Drive, you may be able to upload the image to the virtual cloud drive and access it from your mobile phone. To do this, you need to have an account with a cloud-based storage service and download its application to your phone.

To share a photo on Instagram, the photo must be in your mobile device library. The steps for this action may differ, depending on the device, but, typically, you can see whether the photo is in your mobile device library by choosing the photo viewer on your device.

After the photo is on your mobile device, you can easily share it via Instagram. Simply open your Instagram account, and rather than shoot a new photo, click the button to use an image or a video clip from your library.