How to Insert Music into Your Marketing Video - dummies

How to Insert Music into Your Marketing Video

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

After you have selected (or even recorded) music for your marketing video, it’s time to insert it into the video. The mechanical aspect of this task is easy to complete. Follow these steps in your editing software:

  1. Gather into one folder on your computer all the music files you want to use.

    Using one folder helps you find files easily and helps you back them up after editing. If you store your music on a CD, import the necessary tracks to your computer first by using a program such as iTunes.

  2. Import the music files into your video editing software.

    Most editing programs can process MP3 files and most other commonly used music file formats.

  3. Add an additional audio track to your editing project.

    Certain simpler programs, such as iMovie, have predetermined tracks for background music.

  4. Drag and drop your music piece to the new audio track.

    Then shift its position until it fits the timing that you want.

  5. Watch the part of the video that now has background music in context.

    Fine-tune the timing of the music, if necessary.

If you aren’t sure which piece of music will work best with your video, simply import into your editing program multiple music tracks that you’re considering. Drop one after the other on the audio timeline, watching the video with every piece of music, to quickly find which track you like best.