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How to Insert Calls to Action into Your Marketing Video

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

A call to action is a marketing term for a section of the video marketing material that tells the prospect what to do now. The call may be as simple as “Call us today at 800-555-2323” or “Check out our website at”

Because of the way videos are distributed, the best calls to action remain simple and subtle. Your videos already automatically have implied calls to action, such as in these examples:

  • If you e-mailed the video, you likely included instructions for contacting you.

  • If you posted the video online, your website should have been in the title or description.

  • The action of the video makes clear that contacting you is the best way to resolve the viewer’s pain.

Using video as a marketing tool works best to overcome issues and establish emotional connections. Somewhere in the video, you should provide contact information for your business, or at least a path to resolve the pain of the viewer.

But often the call to action may be subtle or irrelevant, or it may not be warranted. Perhaps you’re simply using video to educate your prospects about a technical aspect of your product. The buyer who is simply seeking information doesn’t necessarily feel positive about a blaring sales pitch at the end.

If the video is emotionally compelling, the call to action should be subtle so that it doesn’t put the prospect on the defensive.

An internal video rarely requires a call to action beyond the subject of the video itself. If an educational video explains how and why employees should use the office intranet, for example, the entire video is essentially the call to action. In this type of video, the call to action can be, and should be, simply stated as the title, such as “Use the Intranet.”