How to Increase Sales and Conversions with Video Marketing - dummies

How to Increase Sales and Conversions with Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Whether you sell shoes, high-end consulting services, or submarines, using video marketing is a means to an end: increasing business for your company. When you integrate video into your website, couple videos with elements that help you convert visitors to the next sales stage.

You must first determine, however, the action you want viewers to take after watching your video, such as

  • Call you, send e-mail, chat, or fill out a contact form

  • Buy your product directly from your website or from a different site

  • Download more information, such as an e-book or a white paper

  • Sign up for an in-person event or a webinar

  • Watch another video

Your priorities for the action you want viewers to take depend on whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers and on the sales process in your company. After you determine what you want viewers to do after watching, follow these steps:

  1. Include a call to action.

    At the end of the video, mention the action. Before you create a video, you must consider where to use it on your website. Some video marketing software providers also let you add call-to-action wrappers (short clips with specific requests for action) to a video so that you can vary the call to action depending on where you’re using the video.

  2. Place conversion elements close to video.

    Make it easy for your website visitors to take the next action by placing conversion elements close to the video.

Examples of frequently used conversion elements are described in this list:

  • Contact information: Place your contact information, such as e-mail address or phone number, close to the video on your site.

  • Conversion forms: Next to the video, place a form that viewers can fill out. Marketing software companies such as HubSpot let you easily add conversion forms to any page on your website.

  • In-player lead capture: Some video hosting companies, such as Wistia, let you capture your viewers’ information directly in the video.

  • Live chat: Let viewers ask you any questions they may have after watching the video. Place the Live Chat button next to the video player. Many qualified live chat providers such as LivePerson or Olark help you easily incorporate this element into your website.