How to Fine-Tune Marketing Video Edits - dummies

How to Fine-Tune Marketing Video Edits

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Marketing videos can benefit from a number of relatively simple steps you can follow to improve certain aspects that viewers may not even consciously recognize:

  1. Tweak your cut timing.

    If a cut seems even a little bit “off,” spend some time fine-tuning it. Even placing a cut a frame or two earlier or later can make a difference.


  2. Add music.

    You may have already worked with music during earlier editing steps, but now is the time to finalize your background tracks.

  3. Clean up the audio track.

    Most audio tracks can use some additional work. Be sure that the levels are correct and consistent throughout the video. Viewers don’t like viewing one scene that’s too loud followed immediately by one that’s barely audible.

    Some editing programs have the Normalize Audio function, which optimizes audio levels automatically. Also, hard audio cuts rarely sound good. You can add a dissolve transition to the audio track while still applying a hard cut to the picture track.

  4. Use color correction.

    Though scenes should have a consistent look between shots, video cameras sometimes pick up different color schemes. The color-correction feature in most editing programs can help fix this problem. Color-correction also lets you give your video a unique and more interesting look.

When you get your timeline fully built, take a minute to notice where b-roll is used (in city shots), how scenes are held together with straight cuts, and how cross-dissolve transitions are used between scenes.