How to Find Relevant Instagram Users for Visual Social Marketing Campaigns - dummies

How to Find Relevant Instagram Users for Visual Social Marketing Campaigns

By Krista Neher

A relevant user for your visual social marketing campaign on Instagram is someone who may be interested in your photos, business, product, or service. The first step in finding relevant users is to find the users on Instagram whom you want to connect with. The starting point for this task is knowing the target audience you want to reach. Then follow these steps to find them on Instagram:

  1. Write down the types of photos that your target audience is sharing or interested in.

    Consider your target audience. What types of photos are they sharing? What types of photos are they interested in? The answers to these questions can help you search for your target audience on Instagram.

  2. Brainstorm the hashtags your target audience may be using.

    Evaluate the hashtags that your audience might be using in their posts. Make a list of the hashtags that describe the images your target audience may be sharing or interested in.

  3. Search Instagram.

    Spend some time searching Instagram for users who are taking, sharing, and liking images. Search for the hashtags identified in Step 2. Note the users who are sharing photos with these hashtags and the users liking and commenting on these photos. These Instagram users might be interested in your photos as well.

  4. Note the types of images that are shared and popular.

    As you explore hashtags and search for Instagram users, notice the types of photos they’re interested in. Pay attention to the pictures that generate a lot of likes and comments, because they can inspire ideas for posting on your own Instagram account. Also note their captions and hashtags — they can give you ideas for additional searches as well as for hashtags and captions for your own photos.

  5. Interact with these users.

    After you identify the users who might be interested in connecting with you, the next step is to interact with them.

You can either search Instagram on your mobile device with the Instagram application or search Instagram from a computer by using the Statigram website