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How to Find People to Circle on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

After you’ve added all the people that have connected to you, it’s time to find new people to circle for your social media marketing campaign. Brands can’t add people to their Circles unless those people have already added the brands to their own Circles first. Google wants to make sure no one is receiving brand updates unless she has given the brand explicit permission to send her those updates.

So to start adding people to your Circles, you have to already be in someone else’s Circle. Sometimes you miss notifications, so here are a few ways to learn who has you in their Circles so you can reciprocate.

  • Set your e-mail notifications to inform you that others have added you to their Circles.

  • Your notification button at the top right of your Google+ screen turns red and shows you the number of new notifications waiting. Be sure to check those frequently. You’re just a click away from seeing — and getting — some new connections.

  • Select the Circles function in your sidebar to see how many people have added you to their Circles.

    Building your Circles might take you some time. The trick is to get on people’s radars so they’ll add you to their Circles, and you can circle them in return.

To get on people’s radar, here’s where to start:

  • Use your personal Google+ account. Tag or highlight your brand page by using the + symbol in front of the name used for your Google+ account. Also, share some posts from your brand Google+ page on your personal Google+ page. When people in your personal Circles see cool stuff shared from private Circles, they might be inclined to add your brand to their Circles as well.

  • Use your social networking accounts. You can promote your Google+ account on your other social networking accounts. Occasionally, encourage your other communities to join in on your discussions there. Let them know what you’re talking about and how much you value input. For example, “We’re recommending books today on our Google+ page. Won’t you come by and tell us about your favorites?” Don’t forget to link to the page.

  • Include share buttons on your content. Make sure to include Google +1 buttons on all your content.


  • Include buttons on your websites. Your blog, website, and other channels should have a link or button that will lead your community to your brand’s page on Google+.

  • Ask. Ask your friend and fans to help share your page. If they like what you do, they’ll recommend it to their own friends and family.

  • Participate in as many conversations as possible. As others add you to their Circles, you’ll see their posts in your stream. Participate in as many of these discussions as possible. When people see a brand page actively engaged in the community, it reminds them to follow the page. Also, if you’re productive in conversation, it will encourage others to add you to their Circles.

  • Optimize your brand updates for search. When you use this technique, people searching for topics, products, or services similar to yours have a good chance of landing on your Google+ profile and adding you to their Circles.

It may take a little time for others to add your brand page to their Circles at first. The important thing is to continue updating as if you already have a thriving community. Because Google+ is indexed for search, the more you update, the better it is for brand visibility.