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How to Find Excellent Amateur Actors for Your Marketing Video

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

When you start looking at people from your professional or personal life as possible actors for your marketing video, you have to adopt a director’s eye. The next time you interact with them, for example, try picturing whether that person can believably carry off a role. Watch and listen as they talk to other people, study their facial expressions, and observe their body language.

When casting from within your own business, you may find a great deal of natural talent. These people have personalities and public speaking abilities that you’re familiar with. You may have an early idea of who can play specific roles in your video, and approach them. You may even consider crafting the roles in your script to fit the personalities within the ranks of your business.

To find natural talent, look for people who have these three traits:

  • A knack for performing: In the office, this person may deliver spellbinding presentations and win over clients. In casual gatherings, she may be the life of the party, telling jokes and stories and holding court like a seasoned entertainer. She may carry herself with self-confidence and easily connect with everyone around her.

    These charismatic traits make the person compelling to be around, and it also makes her a natural choice for the first non-actor to look at for your video.

  • The right look: Determine whether this person can pass physically for the character. As always, be flexible about race and gender.

  • Reliability: Ask whether this person can step up and deliver the performance you need or whether he’ll freeze up on camera? Determine whether he’s easy to work with and can take direction without complaint.

    Sometimes, natural performers want to do things their way — or no way. You may find a better actor in someone who is more dependable and avoids showboating.

To recruit non-actors, especially people who may feel shy or overwhelmed about being on camera, reassure them that you know they will perform well in the video. People can easily become self-conscious, and if you’re confident that they’re right for a role, you must instill that confidence in them.