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How to Ensure an Awesome Experience for the Viewer of Your Marketing Video

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

A video marketing good concept is simply a starting point for creating the script. Though the story and model provide the foundation for the video, it still needs additional layering to be truly compelling and memorable. Face it: You don’t want prospects to have only a good viewing experience, or even an outstanding one.

Ideally, you want viewers to have an awesome experience, which Kevin defines as the convergence of need, entertainment, and the unexpected, as described in this list:

  • Fulfill the need. Aside from your compelling message, the main requirement of your prospect is trust. Unless viewers trust the source of the video, the message isn’t considered valid and valuable.

    Trust in video marketing, as in most of the current realm of electronic media, is conveyed by way of authenticity. Prospects want someone who can resolve their problems, no matter what they are. Whatever solutions you provide in the video must be authentic ones that truly help, or else your video is nothing more than fictional entertainment.

  • Make videos entertaining. Every effort should be made to engage viewers and give them an enjoyable viewing experience — a person’s attention span can shrink while watching a boring video.

    Consider every aspect to maintain the viewer’s attention, including background, characters, music, and timing; every element should be a likable aspect that viewers can relate to. Even serious videos need to engage viewers in a way that makes them say, “That was worth my time, and I will watch it again.”

    In the tire company example, you can incorporate several ideas for entertainment value by including bright and bouncy music that moves the action, in a festive holiday environment with humorous takes on the holidays. The richer the detail, the more engaging the video.

  • Nail down the effect by presenting the unexpected. For true impact that viewers will remember and talk about, a marketing video should have the element of surprise. The more the surprise aspect is relevant to the product, the more effective it is.

    In a humorous video, a good punch line automatically serves this purpose because it works only if it’s surprising. But even dramatic marketing videos need something that creates an “Aha!” moment to trigger viewers’ memories and makes them want to act on the video and (you hope) pass it along to others.

Of course, not everyone can create an outstanding marketing video every time they attempt it, but we’re certain of one thing: If you don’t attempt it, you’ll likely never achieve it.