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How to Enhance Your Website with Visual Social Marketing Videos

By Krista Neher

Creating visual social marketing videos for your website is an important part of your online marketing strategy. Most digital marketing efforts center around sending traffic to your website and generating new customers over time.

Video has been shown to be a powerful tool to engage website visitors and generate new customers for your business. Video is especially powerful for businesses with complex products or services, or on websites where customers may want to see videos in action.

Consider adding a video to these areas on your website:

  • Home page: The home page is often the first point of entry that people have with your business. Highlighting videos on the home page is becoming more and more popular across many types of businesses — even businesses with products or services that aren’t highly visual.

    According FindLaw study of websites of lawyers and attorneys found that consumers are more likely to choose attorney if they feature videos on their websites. Consumers typically visit 4.8 websites before choosing a lawyer; however, when video is added to a website, the number drops to 1.8, showing that adding video to the home page can increase sales and the amount of time people spend on the site.

  • Pages featuring products and services: Videos are increasingly showing up on product pages to show visitors how the product looks. For example, if you shop online for custom-printed mugs at Discount Mugs you will see pictures of the product. Toward the bottom of the page was a video of the product. Viewing the video may make it easier to visualize how the product would look.


  • Testimonials: Videos can become powerful and believable testimonials. Request video testimonials to bring your testimonials to life and increase their believability.

  • Blog posts: Videos are also sometimes shared in blog posts. For example, rather than type your thoughts on a specific topic, you can create a short video about them.

When sharing video on your website, you have to decide how to display it there: You can upload the video to a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo or use a customized player to play the video on your site.

A customized video player allows you to customize the look and feel of the viewer and the viewing experience. You can customize its frame, buttons, and controls. Additionally, some video players let you create clickable sections where you can direct users to other areas on your site from inside the video.

A video from a video sharing site is shown in a standard video player that doesn’t have a lot of customization options. Regardless, these video players usually have standard controls that customers are accustomed to, making them easier to navigate. Video sharing sites also usually have social sharing built in so that users can easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks.

When choosing between using your own video player and embedding a video from a video sharing site, no single best option exists. The best choice depends on how the video is being used and on your objectives. Weigh the pros and cons of each option relative to your objectives for the video, and choose the option that makes the most sense for you.