How to Effectively Position Marketing Videos on a Webpage - dummies

How to Effectively Position Marketing Videos on a Webpage

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Marketing videos can add value to almost any part of a website. Think of video as a different type of content, much like text or pictures. The right mix of these content types makes a website attractive.

This list describes some site locations where you can most effectively use video:

  • Product pages: Video is arguably the best way to explain and demonstrate products.

  • Testimonials: If you use customer testimonials to market products, ask a few customers to appear in a video testimonial. Filmed testimonials have much more credibility than simple text-based testimonials.

  • Case studies: Attract new prospects by demonstrating how existing customers use your product.

  • Blogs: Support your blog posts with expert interviews, short reports from your company events or trade shows, and in-depth educational content.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): This section of a website is important but often boring. A few short videos that answer the most important questions can help significantly.

  • Learning centers: Many sites have educational sections where customers and prospects can find more information about your industry, products, and related topics. Video is one of the most effective ways to provide educational content that people appreciate and share with others.

  • About us pages: Most prospects look at this page before making buying decisions. Presenting your company in an attractive video is a perfect way to make a lasting impression.

    Avoid limiting yourself to the type of video that can be categorized as “A word from our CEO.” Highlighting your executives can add to your credibility, but your video strategy should advance well beyond focusing on talking heads.

  • Careers: Potential employees can gain a much better perspective on your company’s culture when they can watch a video about its operations.

Position videos by integrating them directly into the flow of your content. Don’t hide videos behind difficult-to-find links; instead, place them directly on the page so that people can watch them with minimal effort.

Avoid the allure of pop-up video players. Though they allow visitors to immerse themselves completely in your videos, studies have shown that players decrease viewership.