How to Edit Your Visual Social Marketing Instagram Photos - dummies

How to Edit Your Visual Social Marketing Instagram Photos

By Krista Neher

After you successfully capture a photo you intend to use for visual social marketing, editing it is the next step. One reason that Instagram is so popular is the many editing features that make photos from Instagram look unique.

The editing options appear after you take a photo.


How to use framing to edit your visual social media images

The first editing option, framing, is located on the icon on the upper-left corner. Clicking the Frame button adds a frame to the photo or removes a frame from it. The frame that’s applied to the image is predefined based on the filter you choose.

If you haven’t selected a filter yet, clicking on the Frame button has no effect because the Normal setting has no frame. However, as you apply filters to the image, the frame that matches a specific filter is applied to the image.

How to focus your visual social media images

This icon, which looks like a teardrop, lets you change the focus of your photo. After you click on the teardrop, you see three options: a circle, a line, and the letter x. Clicking on the x removes any focus that you have applied to the photo.

The line and circle let you change the focus of your photo, and they blur the part of the image outside the focus zone. For example, choosing the circle creates a circular zone of the image, which continues to be clear, but the rest of the image becomes blurry. This lets you create a focus center for the image.

After you click on the circle, an overlay appears on the image with a clear center (the focus area). The remainder of the image shows a white overlay (the section that will be blurry).

You can move the focus section around the image by touching and dragging the clear circle around the image to the section that you want to see in focus. You can make the focus area larger or smaller by moving two fingers apart from each other or toward each other, to stretch or shrink the focus area, respectively.

The line image does the same thing as the circle; however, the area remaining in focus is a horizontal line instead of a circle.

Instagram lets you experiment and remove editing options later. You can experiment with the focus of the image and if you aren’t happy with the result, click on the X button, under the Eyedrop menu item, to remove the focus you applied.

How to use AutoEnhance to edit your visual social media images

The third button along the top, which looks like a sun, is the auto-enhance button. Pressing this button “automatically enhances” the photo, by analyzing the photo and adjusting its color, contrast, sharpness, and brightness to improve the appeal of it.

How to rotate your visual social media images

The Rotate button lets you rotate an image. Every click of the Rotate button turns the image 90 degrees.

How to straighten your visual social media images

The Straighten button is a “crooked” square with a dotted line through it. Click the Straighten button to straighten a photo.

How to use filters to edit your visual social media images

The Instagram filters appear at the bottom of the photo editing screen. A filter may change the contrast, color, or saturation of a photo, which is what gives Instagram photos their unique look. You can see an image taken with Instagram and how it looks with various filters applied.


You can apply a filter by clicking on the Filter icon along the bottom of the screen. Scrolling to the left reveals additional filters. You can apply only one filter to each photo; however, you can experiment with different filters until you find the one that works best for your photo. When you click on a filter, it’s applied to your photo, and the previous filter is removed.

You can add a border to, or remove it from, any photo (some filters have preset borders) after you have applied a filter.

How to use the next button to edit your visual social media images

The green arrow button in the upper-right corner of the screen is the Next/Finished button. Click on it to indicate that you’ve finished editing the image and you’re ready to share it. This action finalizes the enhancements you have made to the image and processes it so that it can be shared.