How to Edit Your Own Posts on Your Google+ Marketing Page - dummies

How to Edit Your Own Posts on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

As a social media marketer, your own Google+ posts are under scrutiny because they make an impression on the brand. You have the option to edit or delete the post if you find you have made a typo or you’re not sure your content sounds or looks right. If you’re an owner or moderator, you can edit any content posted by your brand account.

To make changes to a post on your brand page, do the following:

  1. Select the drop-down menu located to the right of the post, and choose one of the following options:

    • Edit This Post: Make changes or corrections to your post such as fixing spelling errors or changing the caption on a photo or video.

    • Delete This Post: Remove the post altogether if you decide you no longer want to feature a certain article, for example.

    • Link to This Post: You can copy the link provided to you and send the update directly to people who may not be on Google+.

    • Disable Comments: If you don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to weigh in on what you’ve posted by leaving a comment, yet you want them to be able to reshare or tag the post, choose this option.

    • Lock This Post: If you don’t want others to reshare, mention, or tag your post, you can lock it. Posts are unlocked by default.

    • View Ripples: This option shows up only if your post has been shared. It shows you which community member shared the post and any comments made on it, how the post was shared, as well as some analytics on the sharing behavior. All of this is in an interactive graphical form. It’s a cool feature, so check it out!


  2. Click Edit This Post, and your post (or caption if it’s a photo or video) becomes editable.

    Even if you delete all the text in the Share What’s New box, clicking Save doesn’t delete the comment. You have to use the drop-down menu mentioned in Step 1 in order to delete the comment.

  3. When you’re finished making your desired changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the Share What’s new box. (Or, if needed, click the X to the right of your editable comment to cancel the edit.)

    When you click the Save button, your comment remains in the same location in your activity feed; however, your changes have been made.

    Note that if you click the X to cancel editing the comment, that action doesn’t delete the comment. Click the X if you change your mind about editing the comment, and the comment box will no longer be changeable.