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How to Determine the Popularity of Your Company’s Podcasts

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

When planning for podcasts as part of an upcoming social marketing campaign, it can be helpful to know which were the most popular podcasts in the past. As with blogs, you need to watch several primary statistics on your podcasts:

  • The number of people listening to your live podcast: This tells you how effective your marketing efforts are. When you have lots of visitors, you’ve created informative media that is in demand.

  • The number of unique page views for your podcast: You can figure out which posts are being received well. Use this information for planning future episodes of your podcast.

  • The number of people who subscribe to follow your podcast.

  • The number of people who rate your podcast highly and/or refer it to others.

Include a Social Sharing button whenever possible to encourage your readers, viewers, and listeners to post the link to your material on their own social media pages.

You can also use iTunes to determine which of your episodes are most popular. This information is useful in planning future episodes. To rank podcasts by popularity, follow these steps after you enter the iTunes Store and click Podcasts:

  1. Enter the name of your podcast in the Search text field.

    Your podcast description page appears.

  2. Hover the cursor on the artwork representing the show.

    An Information icon appears.

  3. Click the Information icon.

    Information about your show, including its ratings, appears in another window.

  4. Click Go to This Podcast.

    Your podcast appears; a list at the bottom contains any comments left about your podcast.

  5. Click the Popularity icon.

    Your episodes are sorted by popularity.