How to Create a SlideShare Account for Visual Social Marketing Presentations - dummies

How to Create a SlideShare Account for Visual Social Marketing Presentations

By Krista Neher

To begin uploading and sharing visual social marketing presentations, you create an account and customize your SlideShare profile. First, go to SlideShare and click the sign-up link in the upper-right corner. You’re offered the option to connect via LinkedIn or Facebook, or to create a new account using an e-mail, username, and password. Choose the option that’s easiest for you to get started, and complete the sign-up process.

After your account is created, the next step is to customize your profile information. The free account simply allows users to update basic profile information. Pro accounts allow users to customize the background and look and feel of their profiles.

You can see a Basic account profile in SlideShare. To see your profile, move the cursor over the arrow in the upper-right corner and choose View my Profile Page. If you signed in with an existing social media account, certain information, such as your profile photo or location, may already appear in your profile.


To edit your profile, click the Edit Profile button. Then Click Upload a New Image to upload a profile image, and choose an image as you normally would do with any other social network. You can complete your profile by filling in the following:

  • Location

  • Workplace

  • Occupation/role/activity

  • website/blog

  • Phone number

  • About section (700 characters limit)

  • Links to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)

You may notice an orange button labeled Style Your Profile beside your profile picture when viewing your profile. This feature is available only to Pro users, so if you’ve just created an basic account, you can’t style your profile.

By contrast, a Pro profile, offers these features:

  • No display of ads

  • Custom branding with an image at the top

  • Customized color scheme

  • More control over adjoining content, such as the other presentations displayed on the page

If you prefer a Pro account instead, click GoPro in the upper-right corner and sign up.


After your profile is complete, you’re ready to start uploading presentations.