How to Build Your Brand with Videos on Social Media Sites - dummies

How to Build Your Brand with Videos on Social Media Sites

By Krista Neher

Video sharing sites are powerful ways to grow awareness for your product and generate new customers. Visual social marketing video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo let you share your video online.

You should post your videos on video sharing sites for a number of reasons, as described in this list:

  • You can generate more views via search. Video sharing sites can generate more views of your video because consumers search video sharing sites for interesting or useful videos. YouTube is the second-largest search engine online. (Google is the largest.) Posting on a video sharing site draws more visibility for your content.

  • Sharing sites may suggest your videos as related content. After you finish watching a video, many video sharing sites show links to related videos. If you share your videos on video sharing sites, you can increase their number of views by periodically being recommended in the Related Videos list.

    Being recommended as a related video is based on the words used in the title and description of your video when you upload videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube.

  • They have user-friendly controls. Most people are used to watching videos on sites such as YouTube, and they know where to find the controls on the video players. When you share your videos on YouTube, your customers can easily control the videos.

  • You can share on social networks. Video sharing sites have social media sharing built-in, making it easy for customers to quickly share your videos with their friends and generating more views of your videos.

  • You benefit from social network integration. Video sharing sites are also often integrated directly into social networks. For example, when a video from YouTube is shared on Twitter, the video can be played directly inside the tweet, making it easier for people on social networks to view your videos. Pinterest, for example, doesn’t allow users to upload videos, and it allows pinning only from YouTube and Vimeo.

Based on these benefits, it’s no wonder that many businesses use video sharing sites for their videos. If your goal is to generate views of your videos, posting on a video sharing site increases your views because these sites already have an audience built-in.

Businesses use YouTube to share their videos because it has the largest viewership and can generate the most views. Vimeo is popular because its video players can be customized and because users can upgrade to professional accounts to share larger video files. For this reason, the site is heavily used by designers and creative professionals.