How to Build Credibility with Video Marketing - dummies

How to Build Credibility with Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

New prospects want to know that they’re dealing with honest and forthright people who can deliver what they promise. You can use video marketing to answer the questions in the following three categories to build credibility:

  • Knowledge: Do you know enough to solve the prospect’s problem? In a video, you can share tons of content in a short amount of time. A library of videos on your product or service demonstrates your breadth of knowledge, and including subtle nuances shows that you have depth.

  • Understanding: Will you listen and comprehend the prospect’s specific issue? Simply stating that you’re listening to someone is unlikely to make that person trust you. But demonstrating your listening process by presenting detailed stories that demonstrate your openness to your customers may prompt your prospects at least to take the time to give you a try.

  • Testimonials: Have other people had good experiences with you? People rarely want to be the first to spend money on trying something new or untested. The testimonial is an important video tool for making people comfortable and letting them know that they aren’t alone.

    Good testimonial videos are brief, and they’re often best when you have a particular point to make rather than a general “I like this company” statement. The people giving the testimonials should be credible and have a trustworthy appearance.

Just as video can help build a good reputation, it easily can give a bad impression instead. Any blemishes or misrepresentations will forever be “out there” after you release the video online. Make sure that the video is honest, authentic, and inoffensive to those you’re trying to attract, or else you may not be able to control the damage.