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How to Build a Community on Vine for Your Visual Social Marketing Videos

By Krista Neher

As with any social network, simply posting content doesn’t get you noticed on Vine. To build an audience for your Vine videos, you need to participate and connect with the community on Vine. Connecting with other Vine users can attract more exposure and views for your videos.

How to find and follow Vine users

The first step in growing your audience on Vine is to find other relevant users to follow. You can find Vine users to follow in a few different ways:

  • People you know: You can find, and connect with, contacts from your mobile phone or your Twitter followers who are already using Vine. Connecting to people you already know on Vine is a helpful first step.

  • Vine people search: In the Find People section of Vine, you can add existing contacts or search for people. Searching for people can be a useful way to find people who share your interests. For example, you can search for people based on a city, such as Toronto, to find Vine users in Toronto, or who mention Toronto in their usernames or profiles.

    You can also search for people based on interests or other words that may be in their profiles. For example, if you want to search for motorcycle enthusiasts, you can search for motorcycle to find users who have motorcycle in their usernames or descriptions.

  • Search channels: If the people you want to connect with are interested in a particular category of video, this is an appropriate place to start. Start by searching for vines in a category that’s relevant to your business.

  • Search hashtags: Search by hashtag for relevant hashtags that your audience might be using. The bottom of the Explore screen shows trending hashtags; however, you can choose to search specifically for tags that relate to your topic of interest.

You can follow any Vine user who has a public profile. Users don’t have to approve you to follow them. When viewing a user profile, click the Follow button displayed below the profile, as shown in the Lowes profile. When you follow a user, her videos appear in your feed when you log on.


As you search, you may come across users who share your interests. As you determine whom to follow on Vine, look beyond users creating videos, and connect with Vine users who are liking, commenting on, and revining videos as well. Many people in the Vine community don’t create many of their own videos — they simply love to watch and look around.

Connecting with other Vine users can generate exposure for your account and views of your video. Often, users you follow will check out your profile and videos. If they like what they see, they may choose to follow you back.

How to interact with Vine videos to spread your visual social marketing videos

After you discover interesting or relevant Vine users, you can start to connect with them. Interacting with other users on Vine sends them notifications, and many users can check out your profile and watch your vines. In this way, interacting with others is a useful way to bring attention to your own account. You can interact with other users on Vine in a few different ways.

When viewing a video on Vine, the video is displayed, and below it you see information about the video, as well as options to interact with it (as shown in the General Electric profile).


You can interact with Vine videos in a variety of ways:

  • Like: Liking a Vine simply means that you like it. To like a Vine, click the smiley face icon below the video.

  • Comment: Clicking the callout box icon beside the smiley face lets you leave a comment on a video.

  • Revine: Revining a post is similar to retweeting on Twitter or sharing a status update on Facebook. When you revine, you’re resharing a video with your followers, and it appears on your profile. To revine a video, click on the button with two arrows forming a circle, and the video will be shared from your account.

  • Share: The three dots to the right of the interaction buttons comprise the Share button. Click on this button to share the Vine video on other sites. You can share on Facebook or Twitter by way of the Vine application. Clicking on Share To lets you share with other applications that are connected to your mobile phone. From this screen, you can also report a post as inappropriate.

    You can also share by embedding the link into an e-mail message. The link automatically opens when you tap the button. This option e-mails you a link to the vine that can be viewed from an Internet browser.

Interacting with other users increases your visibility because your likes, comments, and revines are displayed on the original post — exposing more people to your profile and videos. Users also receive notifications whenever someone interacts with their vines, which creates additional exposure for you.