How to Avoid Talking Heads in Video Marketing - dummies

How to Avoid Talking Heads in Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

All video marketing professionals have something to say. A simple shot of a person saying it, however, doesn’t truly take advantage of the power of the video medium. Unless you create a story that includes actors or animation, you probably can’t avoid placing someone’s face on the screen, though you ultimately want to use imagery to enhance the presentation.

Nothing in video is worse than “boring down the house.” Someone who drones on directly into the camera without taking a break is certain to initiate someone else’s nap.

Follow these suggestions to make talking heads more appealing:

  • Add titles and graphics. You can add titles and graphics to the screen simultaneously to enhance what the speaker is saying. These elements provide additional information that people’s brains can digest while their ears are listening to the speaker. The information may be humorous or supplementary.

  • Add music. Music has highs and lows, and it can affect the emotion of the video. The right music, scored underneath the speaker’s voice, can add drama, excitement, and likeability to the segment.

  • Show two people discussing a topic. Most people love to eavesdrop on a conversation, especially if it doesn’t offend anyone. Gathering information that’s passed from one person to another feels like you’re getting the inside scoop. This technique can prevent people from feeling that the message is intended specifically for them.