How to Assess Prospects and Analyze Needs for Video Marketing - dummies

How to Assess Prospects and Analyze Needs for Video Marketing

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

Video can help insert efficiency into the assessment-and-analysis process by compelling people to take action only if they’re qualified buyers.

Salespeople spend a lot of time chasing potential prospects who aren’t truly prospects. They like to think that everyone is a prospective buyer, when in reality they want to attract only people who truly need or want their product or service and, more importantly, are willing and able to pay for it.

Using video to filter potential prospects saves you time and money. If the video clearly articulates the pain and solution of your value proposition, real customers should leap from their chairs to visit your website or call you.

A video that’s clear about your offering should also repel anyone who isn’t one of your best potential customers. Clarity saves you the time and effort of speaking to this group of people, because you aren’t likely to close them on a purchase anyway.

Still, if you make the video entertaining or informative enough, they may consider passing it along to someone who fits your customer profile, or at least sharing it with their social media networks.

The next time you’re networking, conveniently forget your business cards. Instead, simply ask for the e-mail addresses of everyone you meet. By handing over their e-mail addresses, they’re giving you permission to contact them, which you can do by sending an e-mail with a video link in it.

If someone loves the video enough to e-mail you back, you know that you have a true prospect on the line. If no one responds, you can assume that people were simply being polite.